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Your gift means a great deal – make sure it’s real

Want to check on an organization’s tax-exempt status? Try the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search (TEOS) tool.

Ensuring Your Year-End Donations Are Tax-Deductible

Many people make donations at the end of the year. To be deductible on your 2017 return, a charitable donation must be made by December 31, 2017. (more…)

Five Facts about Charitable Contributions

With the holidays around the corner, many people will be making donations to benefit charitable organizations. However, come tax time, the person who made the donation might also benefit.

Taxpayers can use IRS Select Check tool before donating

Taxpayers making donations may be able to deduct them on their tax return. As people are deciding where to make their donations, the IRS has a tool that may help. (more…)