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Enacted New Jersey legislation provides that interest may not be charged to a delinquent property taxpayer in a municipality that has experienced a flood, hurricane, superstorm, tornado, or other natural disaster provided that (1) a state of emergency has been declared as a result thereof by the governor less than 30 days prior to the date upon which a property tax installment payment is payable, and (2) the governing body of the municipality adopts a resolution providing that interest will not be charged to a delinquent taxpayer if payment of the property tax installment is made on or before the first day of the next calendar month from the date upon which it became payable.

floodThe law also authorizes the extension, by temporary order, the dates for payment of taxes by a municipality to the county, a local or regional school district, and any other taxing district as provided by law when the time period for a property tax payment is extended. Further, municipalities are prohibited from conducting accelerated tax sales on fourth quarter property tax installments due on damaged properties when such due date has been extended pursuant to the law. Ch. 203 (A.B. 3052), Laws 2015, effective January 11, 2016

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