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Ever wonder how other residents in your area are doing, either in terms of income or deductions, or other tax information?  You may be able to get some indication through IRS-provided online tables for Individual Income Tax Zip Code Data.

The IRS’s Statistics of Income (SOI) Division regularly extrapolates return data for U.S. zip codes where 250 or more individual returns were filed.  The IRS reports the number of returns filed, joint returns, income levels, capital gains and dividends, various amounts taken as deductions, IRA distributions, and additional statistical information for a particular tax year. The IRS recently posted preliminary data about returns filed by individuals for tax year (TY) 2008 on its web site.

The latest data was available on the web site (,,id=242739,00.html) for several days after it was posted in late-July.  However, at this time, the IRS has removed the data pending a review.  It stated that it is reviewing its methodology for preparing the annual zip code file to safeguard the confidentiality of taxpayer information. The agency nevertheless indicated it may update the TY 2008 preliminary data that had been originally posted, depending on the results of its review.

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